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Pritunl Zero

Open source BeyondCorp server providing zero trust security for privileged access to ssh and web applications

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SSH Demo

Single Sign-On

Full support for single sign-on with OneLogin, Okta, Google and Azure

Access Policies

Apply role based policies to users and services to control where and how a user can access a service

Use Any Browser

Any web browser can be used to access services, no software or plugins required

No VPN Client

Users do not need to install or configure any VPN clients

Easy Configuration

Configuration takes only minutes and does not require modifying networks or routing tables

Open Source

All source code for Pritunl Zero is available on GitHub, allowing for transparency and customization

Scale Easily

Nodes can be added and removed in minutes with no downtime

High Availability

All nodes run independently and will continue running in the event of other nodes failing

Secure SSH

Manage SSH access to servers without manually managing authorized keys using SSH certificates and host certificates

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure SSH access with two-factor authentication using Duo, Okta or OneLogin

Teleport Alternative

Lower cost alternative to Gravitational Teleport with faster implementation

ScaleFT Alternative

Open source and lower cost alternative to ScaleFT

CloudFlare Access Alternative

Open source alternative to CloudFlare Access with additional features and SSH support

Gitlab Tutorial

Protect the Gitlab web interface using zero trust authentication with Pritunl Zero. Add two-factor authentication and strict host checking to Git SSH access using SSH certificates and a SSH bastion host.

Gitlab Tutorial
View Gitlab Tutorial
Pritunl Zero


  • Unlimited users
    No limit on the number of users created or users connected
  • Unlimited servers
    No limit on the number of Pritunl Zero instances in a single Pritunl Zero cluster
  • Single sign-on
    Single sign-on with OneLogin, Okta, Google and Azure
  • Long term subscriptions
    Contact support for long term subscriptions
  • Free for education
    Free subscription for qualifying users, contact support for more information



Pritunl Zero


  • Priority support
    Priority support with email and live chat
  • Live support with Slack
    Access to private Slack channel for live chat support
  • 9am - 11pm coverage
    Support is available 9am to 11pm PST 7 days a week
  • 30 min response time
    Maximum 30 minute response time for issues
  • Deployment assistance
    Assistance with Pritunl Zero deployment and management